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Some pictures displayed on the website have been generously provided by some of our guests.
We would like to thank you for your contribution and help to promote the hotel.

Special thanks to:
Mr. Spencer
Mr. Marcel Journez
Mr. Ranjan Josiah
Mr. Jacques Brodeur

Other pictures have been taken from Unsplash.com.
Special thanks to the Unsplash and their following contributors:

Girls party by Helena Yankovska (@helenayankovska) in homepage's slider
Elephant island by Supriya S (@sups) in homepage's slider
Taxi by Daniel Monteiro (@danielmonteirox) in homepage's transportation thumbnail
Untitled photo by Laura Chouette (@laurachouette) in homepage "They talk about us" article's thumbnail 
Palm leaves and blue sky by lorenznarbs (@lorenznarbs) in About page's slider
Tropical paradise at Coconut Tree Hill by Kon Karampelas (@konkarampelas) in homepage's fullbox wall image


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119/2 Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura
(Sri Lanka)

Landline: +94 472 238 263
Mobile: +94 775 486 836
email: contact@blueturtlehotel.com